Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Ready or not, here I come....

"Ready or not here I come, I'm gonna find you"..thats a song lyric by the Fugees that my friend Jennifer suggested for a workout playlist. I think it struck a chord with me because most of the time I feel like if my stress could talk, that's exactly what it would say. This ridiculous marathon goal and related fundraising project has brought me a heaping helping of tasks and connections and discussions and ideas that I am struggling to keep up with...but I am loving it all. This is good stress. It is stress that inspires me and energizes me. I have a precious little newborn idea, that I am worried about and caring for..and it is exhausting me but driving me all at the same time. I am so proud of the people around me and how much of themselves they have given already. I feel an almost crushing joy that my family's challenges have made way for this loving network of strength and encouragement not only for me, but for everyone working their butts off training for our first race. It's amazing to be a part of.

Since my last entry I have been introduced to Nick's very kind and experienced friend Matthew who met me out on the trails for my 10 mile long run. It was refreshing to have someone cool to talk to; someone with marathon experience that got why I would want to do something like run 26 miles. I know he could go much faster, and without the walk breaks I need to take, but he was right there with me the whole time. I am so excited to have a new running friend.

I had a little bit of arch pain in the days before the Polar Bear 5k..so I made a trip to Big Peach Running Company in Marietta. The manager had me run in the parking lot, and just by watching me run and asking questions about my training schedule he diagnosed me with plantar fascitis, and prescribed an more firm insole and a pokey football shaped ball for massaging my foot. He suggested that I taper my long runs down to half every other weekend, because my pain was probably the result of over training. Well, three weeks and roughly 50+ miles in those insoles my arches feel great. I added some more rest time into my calendar, and it has helped all around. I am in love with Big Peach. They are so passionate about running, and more importantly know what they are talking about. I HIGHLY recommend them as a resource for any walker or runner.

I have made some progress with my ego on the indoor track at the gym, resisting the urge to outrun the muscle dudes that pop on there for their 10 minute warm up. I learned how to count laps on my watch, and rely on my nike+ to tell me when I have reached my mileage goal for each run...that means I can sort of zone out and just travel. I really thought that al this running would begin to transform my thoughts into some sort of zen reflection..but mainly I just mill over all the things I need to get done..or come up with more ideas of things I would like to do. I dont really know what to make of that. I do see progress there though.

I started a new job and it has been tough squeezing in my weekday runs around my work schedule. I will have to start getting up early to run before work...I am not happy about that, but it will be good for me to start the day with my stressors beaten down by a good run. I have always admired morning people because I have never been one.

I was lazy about writing down my schedule the last few weeks with the new job. I am in a groove though where I know what I need to do without constantly checking my training chart. My long run is now up to 11 miles. This Sunday I will do 12 miles. My efforts to incorporate some core cross training has not happened yet... but I am hopeful that once I get settled into my new job I will work it all in.

So far so good. :)

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